Pregnancy & Birth Anxiety

Pregnancy & Birth Anxiety

Anxiety around pregnancy and birth is on the rise.

Pregnant woman seem to be under more pressure than before, with social media and hyper
information levels providing new things to worry about at every turn.

The term ‘Tocophobia’ (the fear of giving birth) has entered the lexicon and has in itself increased
anxiety around this subject.

Finding a safe place to speak about these fears can be difficult as pregnancy and the arrival of a
new baby are usually seen as very positive.

Therapy can offer support, providing an opportunity to think about the things that seem overwhelming in a safe and non judgemental environment.

I have a special interest in pregnancy and birth having spent some years running a support group
for couples seeking a vaginal birth following a cesarian section.

I have also worked with individuals thinking about infertility, IVF, birth trauma, and post natal

Please get in touch if you would like to think about the things that concern you.