About Therapy

It is often thought that only people with a diagnosis of mental illness or depression seek therapy or counselling, however many of us have times when we may feel as though we are standing still and unsure of which direction to take.

I will work with you to express thoughts and feelings and, at times, explore earlier life experiences, to gain insights into difficulties you may be experiencing in your current life.

Recognising recurring patterns can be helpful in addressing problems or issues that are being experienced.

In Couples Therapy I provide a safe space to think with you about your relationship and any improvements you want to make.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy therapy is open-ended which means that there is no time limit and space is created for the therapy to develop over time, for as long as you feel is necessary.

Before therapy starts, I would meet with you for an initial consultation which provides an opportunity to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy and a chance to experience how we could work together.